Our Breeding Program

Since commencing breeding, our program has been based on a careful blend of English and Australian bloodlines. Our foundation bitch Lindhills Khoylah (1963) was a Grandaughter of Eng.Ch.Sandylands Tweed of Blaircourt and in  the early years well known bloodlines such as Sandylands,Zelstone,Landyke,  Mallardhurn, Diant, Kinley, Knaith and Poolstead could be found in our pedigrees.

After having had the benefit of using dogs imported by other breeders, in 1985 we imported our first English dog. On a visit to Marjorie Satterthwaite  at  Lawnwood Kennels, Elizabeth fell in love with a chocolate puppy who was rolling  around in the snow. 12 months later after much persuasion,  Lawnwoods Kapitan  arrived in Quarantine. He quickly gained his Championship and was to have a great influence on the quality of chocolates in Australia.
We continued to import English dogs to enhance our breeding program. and the use of imported semen which resulted
in four successful litters.

The dogs we imported were:

1985 Aust.Champion Lawnwoods Kapitan (Chocolate)
1995 Aust.Grand Champion Jayncourt Sentimental Guy (Yellow)
1995 Lawnwoods Play the Game (Yellow)
1998 Lawnwoods Hot N Tot (Chocolate)
2005 Aust.Champion Eneleon Tigers Eye (Yellow)

and semen from:

2009 Balrion Weathertop The Wizard (UK)
2009 Balrion Weathertop John Barleycorn (UK)
2013 Eng.Ch Warringahs Gundaroo (UK)


All of these dogs have played a significant role in our breeding program and combined with our home bred bitches we have continued to produce type, soundness and excellent temperaments.

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